Embedded lending technology to help your business customers grow

For partners

Softloans provides the technology and funds you need to build financing services for your business customers.

Manage Clients

Single Sign-on experience

KYC/AML checks. No need for additional checks if already performed by EMI

Secure data integrations

Manage Risk

Real time access to clients’ performance data (Stripe, Google Ads, Shopify, etc.)

Swift credit decisions

Shortfalls predictions

Manage Loan

Loan dashboard

Loan accounting


Recovery actions

For merchants

Revenue based financing powered by Softloans opens access to working capital that helps merchants grow.


No collateral

We rely on third party data like Shopify and Google Analytics to perform real time analysis of borrowers business performance. No other assurances required.


Revenue based

There are no fixed installments. Repayments take place only when revenue is generated and are proportionate to the level of generated revenue.


Easy to apply

No paper forms, no long application procedures - just a quick and fully digital 3 step process to receive a revenue based loan offer.

Apply through our partners

Revenue based, collateral and interest free - the best financing solution for merchants already available through our partners:

Softloans in Media

Frequently asked questions

What is Softloans?

Softloans is a platform that offers financing tools for electronic money institutions or ecommerce platforms.

What type of funding can be offered?

Offered tools facilitate revenue based lending, focused on web based merchants (D2C) and revenue based digital service providers (subscription, SaaS, app).

How revenue based financing differs from regular lending?

In revenue based financing no interest payments and fixed payments are applied.

Instead of interest, the client pays a fixed fee for the provided capital.

Instead of a fixed repayment schedule, the client shares a portion of its daily or weekly revenue until full repayments of the provided funds. If sales fall off in one week, payments will proportionally decrease. Likewise, if the sales in the following week increase, payments will also increase.

What is the cost of capital?

Softloans charge a fixed commission that starts from 6%.

There is no interest. There are no hidden fees. And there are no guarantees or personal endorsements.

The percentage of sales for repayments will be established by our algorithms based on the performance data of the analyzed business.

How will my EMI or a service platform benefit from partnership with Softloans?

Softloans will share with you a commission paid by the client.

The provided financing will also lead to growth of your client's business and volumes of your regular services offered to the client. Upgrade your service to a premium level or benefit from higher brand engagement.

How much integration is required to embed Softloans into your system?

It can be as simple as a link to a stand-alone Softloans platform or fully embedded solution into your platform. In any case, Softloans will cover the full engagement process from application to collection.

How will clients apply for financing?

We will ask them to

  • pass KYC/AML check, or if available, send that information from EMI
  • provide us access to their revenue and marketing data pools, by linking their accounts at shopify, woo commerce, stripe, google analytics, facebook, etc.
How much time does it take to get an offer for financing?

We will reply with an offer in 24 hours

What countries do you cover for bank statement analysis?

For bank statement analysis we cover 2500+ banks in 30+ countries:

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lichtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom


We can help

  1. Benefit from lending that your customers need
  2. Upgrade your customers to a premium service
  3. Increase your customer loyalty

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